Dogs in Vests is an inspiring narrative that will engage you through personal heartfelt experiences with service dogs. The authors open up with a vulnerability that pulls you in and leaves you with more knowledge and empathy for the role these dogs play in all the lives they touch. Mazie, a Labradoodle puppy and fluff ball of fun, becomes a medical alert dog with life saving skills.You’ll learn of Stella, a Labradoodle with record breaking allergen detection skills, who is setting a new standard for a service dogs ability to help her handler navigate digestive disease. Malachi, a Husky hybrid mix, is full of life and the perfect match for on-the-go medication free emotional support. Full of eyeopening possibilities, Dogs in Vests affirms that you too can train your own service dog with some effort, tenacity, and the guidance of expert trainers. You will appreciate and love your own pup even more.

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