How Do You Know If You Have A Reputable Trainer?

Valerie Fry Kpa Ctp As a Certified Dog Trainer. And entire career has been Service Dogs, this is a huge frustration we have. Dog Training is not regulated in America. 


😞And people pop up all over the place claiming to be a professional trainer or Service Dog Trainer. Credentials can not be faked because you can look them on the the website of the certifying body. The best Dog Trainers credentials are from CCPDT, KPA CTP, VSA. Others include Behavior Consultant. IAABC, CBCC mostly necessary for dogs with behavior issues. 

Honestly a KPA CTP gets the best education for training a disability task. Because everyone is different and every teams task will be different a Service Dog Trainer needs the skills to create a behavior chain and know how to capture, lure, shape these tasks. KPA teaches that BEST. The reason I know these things is because I am not only certified with these, I am also a Mentor Trainer for VSA, ABC, CATCH. Meaning I work with students all the way through their school. 


I totally suggest actually speaking to individuals who have worked with the Trainer you are paying. Do not spend your money until you have spoken to at least 3 of these clients. Verified their credentials on the website of the school or certification body. Verified insurance and training skills by asking those questions directly. 


I hope this helps.