Dogs In Vests Reaching Out to Community

Dogs In Vests vist local stores.  


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Once nervous about opening up and asking people to use their stores and businesses to spread the news about Dogs in Vests, I found the confidence to talk to them. I am so glad I did. As it turns out more times than not, these companies would love to help and actually take pride in giving the young girls who are impacted by these loving dogs a chance to have their voices heard. If you are not familiar, Dogs in Vests is a mission we started to help families in need of a service dogs. The subsequent book we wrote is to help others in need learn what is involved in training a service dog. 


    Logos book store, in Snider Plaza welcomed us on May 31st and we are able to meet and greet locals and share our story.   Regular customers, friends, and family came to the bookstore to see the pups and get signed copies of the book (signed by the girls and the dogs). On June 8th, the Lucky Dog Barkery welcomed our whole gang. Many others with service dogs in training came by and see the dogs, grab a book and chat with the families who owned service dogs or who were in the process of  training their own dogs. Members of the community we knew and others who we got to meet came out to show their love for this cause. All the positive feedback we have received pushed us to have another event this time just outside the bubble. Mutts Canine Cantina is hosting us on June 24th and we could not be more thrilled to have everyone come hear the stories and the impact these beautiful service dogs have had. Live music and snacks will all be there and the dogs (Stella, Maize, and Malachi) get ecstatic to meet new friends!  



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Karis helps  Phoebe change her feeding tube,( at Lucky Dog,) an everyday reality that these girls face. We are so glad to have provided them with a service dog who gives not only emotional support, but a very real alert if either girl has a dangerous change in body chemistry. 




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Stella is tired after meeting all the dogs and humans that came through at Lucky Dog Barkery